Q. How do I get an order confirmation?

As soon as an order is authorized for payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order. This confirmation will indicate your order number that you can refer to later for checking the status.


Q. What is the actual delivery time for my order?

The delivery of the ordered items has two steps – Rakhisbazaar.com delivery to the courier company and the courier's delivery to you, which will take typically 3-4 days, depending on the destination of delivery.

Please note that there are no shipments made from the store on Saturday and Sunday and public holidays as our fulfillment partner, Blue Dart Express, does not make any pickups on those days.


Q. Can I get courier details for my orders?

We will send you an email regarding the shipment of your order, as soon as the items are handed over to the Courier, along with the Consignment number under which it has been shipped. If you want to call the Courier to follow up, you can use this number.


Q. What are your courier charges and how do you calculate them?

It is our endeavor to make shipping charges as affordable as possible.

The shipping charges are dependent on the volume-weight of the product as well as the country where it has to be shipped. The shipping charges includes the cost of shipping, handling and packaging with delivery at your doorstep.


Q. How do my orders get courier from your store?

All your orders are packaged at our warehouse and shipped to you by our fulfillment partner, Blue Dart Express Limited.